Contract Sanitation

Proper Sanitation of your food manufacturing facility is made easy with QSS
The need for adequate cleaning of a food processing facility cannot be overemphasized. Substandard sanitation could result in several issues, including cross-contamination, food-borne illness outbreaks, machinery breakdown, fines, and even legal troubles for non-compliance of regulations. Such preventable problems highlight the importance of cleaning your processing equipment regularly. QSS offers great food safety solutions to small and large food processors through cost-effective sanitation.
We provide cleaning services to the food processing industry with a highly trained workforce. QSS believes each plant is unique and requires tailored sanitation programs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. We customize our sanitation program to the type of ingredients, production schedule, and equipment in your plant.

How We Do It

A Proven Sanitation Approach
Sanitation starts with dry pickup and concludes with documenting the day’s work. In between, we follow a science and time-tested regimen in strict order. Each step sets the stage for the next in a carefully timed protocol. QSS partners with world-class chemical companies to ensure the right chemicals in the correct concentrations deliver optimal outcomes.
The conclusion of our daily routine is the pre-operational inspection by your quality assurance team. We do not leave the job site until you are satisfied. The accompanying pre-operational report captures an array of information that allows us to maintain high service standards and implement corrective measures when needed.
Our Quality Assurance experts attend pre-operational inspections weekly to work with your QA and production managers to ensure all issues are addressed.
Benefits of Contract Sanitation
Contract Sanitation is a great way to reduce Sanitation costs with a dependable Master Sanitation schedule. With cleaning contracts, you get the benefit of fixed pricing based on your production schedule.
Getting Started Is Easy
QSS is the solution for food safety in your food processing plant. With over 27 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality, integrity, and professionalism.Call us now to schedule your FREE consultation.

Audit Preparation

why preparation is important
Passing all audits and site inspections is vital to the success of your business. Failing an audit is not an option as it can damage your reputation among retailers with the fear that your products might be unsafe to sell to consumers. Fines and the overcorrecting red tape associated with point deductions also impose an unnecessary burden. Therefore, implementing measures to ensure your facilities are audit-ready at all times should be a priority. At QSS, we provide audit preparation solutions to keep your plants and paperwork audit-ready at all times. Our team is fully versed in all industry regulations. Call us now to schedule an appointment to prepare your facility for the next audit.
illustrative documentation provided by QSS
Whether you have an established sanitation program or are preparing for a first USDA audit, QSS will ensure your documentation is complete. We keep documents up to date and tailor templates to ensure your records conform to government requirements.
QSS has accumulated an extensive library over the years of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs). We can work with an existing set of SSOPs, refine what you have in place, or develop new documentation from scratch. SSOPs cover sanitation protocols, chemical application, and safety for each piece of equipment or area in your facility.
the role of document Preparation
Documentation is critical to staying audit-ready. Up-to-date records ensure compliance with government requirements. We are comfortable in the realm of USDA, FDA, and OSHA compliance. QSS has extensive experience helping clients prepare for and pass audits with minimal point deductions. None of our clients have received a non-passing sanitation score, and we intend to maintain that track record.

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Audit preparation is an essential part of a food production business. We provide specialized audit preparation for food production facilities. We have extensive experience in making sure food processing plants are well prepared.
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