About Us

Over the years, the need for food safety has grown exponentially due to the emergence of countless global ingredients, expanding supply chains, and high-profile food contamination stories that have captured the public’s attention. Contamination reduces the shelf life of your products and increases spoilage which drives up your total costs in a competitive marketplace.
Cross-contamination in the food production process is inevitable, but companies can minimize its occurrence through appropriate measures. Partnering with a food safety specialist like QSS provides access to best practices and ensures those practices are implemented consistently.

Who We Are

QSS started as a family business 27 years ago. Although the business has grown considerably over the years, we remain an owner-operated business that is 100% focused on food safety. We protect your brand by reducing possible cross-contamination in your food production process through tailored sanitation solutions.
QSS is proud to be a business that focuses on both quality and zealous customer service. We serve small food processors to the most recognized companies in the industry.
Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality, integrity, and professionalism. We dedicate ourselves to your individual needs and work by your side 24/7.

Our Core Values

As a company driven by passion and commitment to being the best and helping your business attain its full potential, our core values are:

Treating our customers as long-term business partners
Getting our job done the right way without shortcuts
Investing in employees – our most important assets

Why QSS?