”For Quality You Can Trust, Trust In Quality!”
QSS is a contract cleaning company providing specialized sanitation services to the food processing industry. Our mission is to provide the highest standard and sophistication in cleaning to all clients, be they a family business or a national household name. We are 100% focused on food safety.

What We Do

peerless sanitation

We protect your brand by reducing possible contamination in the food production process that can lead to foodborne illnesses.

Audit Readiness

We keep your plant and paperwork audit-ready at all times. Failing an audit is not an option. And even modest point deductions lead to overreaching red tape. We take the headache out of sanitation.

cost containment

We eliminate costly downtime when sanitation is not completed in time for scheduled production. Our expertise allows for efficiency gains and clients enjoy a simplified fixed cost structure.




QSS develops a customized cost-effective program that improves efficiency and results. Our industrial sanitation solutions offer great value for their costs.

Site Management

Our experienced Site Managers oversee cohesive teams that produce consistent quality, productivity, and safety.

Tailored solutions

QSS recognizes that every plant is unique. We tailor the sanitation program to your production schedule, ingredients, equipment, and compliance requirements.

Superior Responsiveness

Clients are just a call away from top management and principals at QSS. We are not hampered by a slow-moving bureaucracy.

The Right Expertise

Our senior managers individually have over thirty years of experience in the food safety industry. Our specialists bring best practices in Safe Quality Food, OSHA and HACCP to your plant.


Safety is our number one priority. It requires ongoing reinforcement and management attention. Every plant and machine present different hazards. We employ all safety tools available from lockout/tagout processes to fall protection to personal protective equipment.
Employees complete a multifaceted safety training program covering chemical handling, Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), and more before stepping onto a plant floor. Staff members must complete retraining recertification annually attend monthly safety instruction.
Our safety record over the last 27 years is a testament to this commitment.

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